Our Team

Manpreet Singh Sidhu - CEO - ROCKIMS

Manpreet Founded ROCK IT SOLUTIONS in 2006. It Manages Online presence and marketing for companies across three continents. It has clients in United States of America, Canada and Australia, Currently working on expanding into Europe.


Vinay Sharma has been working as a Web Designer for the last 15 years in RockIMS. He holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Application. He is passionate about gaming and exploring different places.


Ramanjeet Kumari is a software Engineer. She has been working in RockIMS for the last 9 years. Her educational background includes B.tech ( CSE). She enjoys photography and traveling.


Kashish Arora is an experienced content writer who has been with the company for 7 years. With a passion for playing with words and finding creative ways to express herself, she always brings fresh perspectives and new content to the table.


Amandeep Kaur specializes in Business Development, Search Engine Optimization, & Social Media Marketing. Being a dedicated employee, she has been with us for the last five years and has a certified diploma in Computer Science & Networking. She loves reading and writing.


Shilpa Sharma has more than five years of experience in Digital marketing. In addition to that, she is also an SEO executive and Website developer and holds a master's degree in M.B.A. (IT). She enjoys watching movies and surfing the internet.


With an educational background of B.tech (CSE), Parveen works as a Programmer in RockIMS. She is a hardworking employee who loves surfing the internet, playing badminton and reading books. She has been working in RockIMS for the last 2 years


Maninderpal Kaur is responsible for online Social Media Marketing and SEO. She holds a master's degree in MSC computer science. She likes playing badminton and traveling with friends and family.She has been working in RockIMS for the last 1 years


Anchal Pahwa is a Content Writer at RockIMS. She has been working in RockIMS for the last 1 years She holds a master's degree in Mass communication and Journalism. She likes reading and exploring different locations.


Palak preet Kaur works as a Content writer. Her qualifications include a master's in Mass communication and journalism. She loves reading, painting, and reading books.


Sakshi Arora is an SEO and Social media executive. She has a master's degree in Business Administration. She loves traveling and listening to music.


Jashan Arora is employed as a Developer in RockIMS. He has a bachelor's degree in B.tech(ECE). He is a fan of cricket and badminton.